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Privacy Policy

We believe in keeping things simple when it comes to legally binding policies. Here at Motorbikeway we only collect the information you provide. We collect your membership details which include things like; your name, email address and any other detail about yourself that you've decided to share on this website.

We store your details for use on our website. The only time this may change is if someone decided to buy this website, including all of our members details. It would be their responsibility to provide a new policy, and your responsibility to keep yourself updated with any changes to this policy page.

If you use a Facebook or Google account to log in to this website, then you will be agreeing to the same terms and conditions as set out in their privacy policies.

By accepting the use of cookies on this website, advertisers may use your search criteria to promote items that you may be interested in.

This website uses features provided by Wix, it is your responsibility to understand the Wix privacy policy (as it is applicable throughout this website).

When ordering product(s) throughout our store, the payment is secured by encryption. However the details you use on our shopping pages may be shared with Amazon and Printify. You must also agree to their privacy policies, and the third party companies they work with.

By continuing on this site we are collecting and using your data in a protected way. We will only share your data with the parties directly linked with Motorbikeway (as mentioned above). We will not be held accountable for any data shared through links to external websites. By clicking any link leading you away from our website, you waiver Motorbikeway, it's owner(s) and anyone associated with the brand and/or business from any information that may be shared, leaked or collected outside of our website. We cannot accept any responsibility for external links and/or websites, or effects they may have on your device.

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